Service Levels

SUPPORT: Targeted Mental Health Interventions, Community-based Supports


Children and youth at risk of problem behaviour and/or mental health issues represent approximately 15% of our population.  In the Algoma Model, Targeted Interventions include engaging with community service providers to link at-risk children and youth with replica panerai watches  the services and supports they need - both by encouraging service delivery directly in schools and by facilitating access to services delivered in the community.

Children and youth whose physical, psychological, and emotional needs are unmet are at significant risk for developing a variety of mental health and behavioural problems. Family, social and environmental conditions, along with physiological predisposition to certain types of mental illness, may also contribute to their level of risk. 

Selective/targeted supports and interventions can be very effective in helping these children and youth to learn important skills, develop positive relationships, increase their emotional resiliency, and build on their strengths in order to mitigate these risks. Appropriate targeted supports and interventions may include short-term school-based counselling (e.g. for a youth whose parents are divorcing), anger management training, life skills and social skills groups, etc. In other cases, family support (e.g. referral for emergency food and shelter, encouragement to access domestic violence counselling, etc.) are important interventions that can prevent deeper penetration into the services system.

Information about the available selective/targeted supports and interventions for at-risk children and youth in the Algoma region can be accessed through this link: Search for Services.

The understanding and support of caring adults within the school environment, along with that of family and friends, are also very significant resources for at-risk children and youth. 

The following information sheets kopior hublot may be useful in guiding how that support is offered:
Health and Wellness
Helping Children Cope
Bullying / Online Threats
Bullies and Victims (PDF - NASP)
Sexual Abuse / Harassment
Sexual Diversity