15+ Make time to listen, take time to talk about bullying
Conversation starter cards in either a colouring book or activity book format.

Barnyard Buddies (Self Esteem Program) - Checklist

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A six-lesson curriculum init that equips children with the self esteem necessary to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

Be a Buddy,Not a Bully - Checklist
A community-based initiative with the goal of increasing knowledge, skills and resources to address physical and emotional aggression.

Be Aware, Be Safe - Checklist
A Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention program intended to assist youth in making safe interpersonal choices.

Beyond the Hurt: RespectEd
- Checklist
A nationally-recognized violence and abuse prevention program to promote safe, supportive relationships and healthy communities.

Branching Out - Checklist
A team comprised of professionals that provide schools assessments and recommendations, programs and workshops.

Building Assets--Reducing Risk (BARR) - Checklist
Designed to decrease the incidence of substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs), academic failure, truancy, and disciplinary incidents among 9th-grade youth. 

The Bug Club (Life and Refusal Program) - Checklist
A six lesson curriculum unit that uses puppets to illustrate and to offer important life and refusal skills

The Bully Around the Corner - Checklist
Information that is easy to access and understand. Schools can use this book to develop bullying prevention programs or to supplement existing programs.

Bully B Gone - Checklist
An original musical assembly. This performance helps children identify and try to stop bullying wherever it occurs.

Bully Busters: A Bullying Prevention Program - Checklist
Six lesson bullying presentation curriculum accompanied by a puppet.

Bully Free Includes Me: A Resource for Teachers - Checklist
The workshop allows the audience to see that if bullying behaviour is not addressed in our schools these students will grow up and continue to bully in the workplace.

Bully Smart Series - Checklist
Four components with accompanying print curriculum. Deals with bullying students face both in and out of school.

Community Builders - Checklist
Works with schools to help students, teachers and parents to understand the roots of bullying wholesale led lights.

Creating Communities We Want - Checklist
A youth peer leadership program that trains middle and secondary school students to identify and address issues.

Creating Safe and Caring Classrooms - Checklist
An evidence based, violence prevention program that aims to decrease incidents of bullying and change attitudes towards bullying

Days of Courage - Checklist
Everyone will participate in games and exercises designed to help drop the barriers and reveal some of their greater feelings.

Day of Empowerment - Checklist
A day long workshop that breaks down barriers formed by teasing, bullying, peer pressure, violence and social oppression.

Focus on Bullying - Checklist
produced by BC Ministry of Education and includes lesson plans for Grades K-8.

The Fourth R - Checklist
A comprehensive, schools-based program that stresses the importance of healthy relationships.

I Decide - Checklist
interactive slide packages teach students about bullying by empathizing with those involved.

Let's Stop the Bullying: A Resource for School Communities - Checklist
Includes a series of Kindergarten to Grade 8 lesson plans that provide students with an opportunity to explore their questions about bullying.

Lions Quest: Promoting Peace and Preventing Violence - Checklist
Designed to help students understand the attitudes and behaviours that can lead them from conflict to anger to violence.

PlayFair Teams: Disability, Social Justice, Inclusion - Checklist
Address issues of bullying and students with disabilities.

Prehistoric Pals (Anger Management Program) - Checklist
An anger management program designed to provide children with the necessary skills to express and to deal successfully with the feelings of anger and rage.

Preparing For Adolescence and Social Success (P.A.S.S.) - Checklist
An interactive social skills and character education program for students aged eight to fourteen.

PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) is Canada' authority on research and resources for bullying prevention. PREVNet is an umbrella network of 66 leading Canadian research scientists, more than 90 graduate students, and 52 youth-serving organizations.

Project WIN: Working out Integrated Negotiations - Checklist
The curriculum teaches students how to increase liking, trust, teamwork, control anger, non violent alternatives to fighting.

Reach for the Stars - Checklist
The presentation educates students about "the bully," "the bullied," "the bystander" and "the role of the student."

The RISE Program - Checklist
Program to help young people reduce the level of violence in their schools and community. 

The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities (SACSC)
This project focused on creating a comprehensive school-based program comprised of seven interconnected program components. 

Social Skills Group Intervention (S.S.GRIN) 3-5
 - Checklist
Social Skills Group Intervention (S.S.GRIN) 3-5 is a social skills curriculum for children in grades 3-5 (ages 8-12 years) who have immature social skills relative to peers (e.g., impulse control problems), are being rejected and teased by peers (e.g., experiencing bullying and victimization), or are socially anxious and awkward with peers. 

Stop Bullying!
- Checklist
Help students learn assertiveness skills and strategies for dealing with bullying and harassment.

Stop Bullying Today - Checklist
Is a full service anti-bullying charity. The program "TRACK" is designed to teach respect and character.

Stop the Bullying - Checklist
Focuses on the role of the bystander and helping these students become part of the solution around bullying and violence.

Informing teens of the risks associated with some current lifestyle choices and of the options that they have and the kinds of choices that they will need to make in order for them to succeed in life.

Together We Can Stop Bullying - Checklist
A parenting resource in the form of a newsletter.

Too Good for Violence Curriculum (TGFV) - Checklist
Provides opportunities to practice peacemaking and bullying prevention skills.

Tools For Life: A Relationship
Problem-Solving Program - Checklist
A curriculum which is based on the experience of delivering the program to 42,224 children and linked to the Ministry curriculum, plus age, gender, culture and language appropriate resources.

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