LGBT Teacher

Bullying in Schools: Guidelines for Intervention and Prevention
This manual was created by PREVNET, the only national Canadian anti-bullying research organization for the Canadian Association of Principals.

Sport in Transition, Making Sports in Canada More Responsible For Gender Inclusivity
Created by the Canadian Association for Ethics in Sports, this guide should be referenced by teachers and coaches wishing to accommodate a trans student.

What Would You Do
This Bingo sheet has a number of scenarios for teachers to respond to, that deal with LGBTQ students/situations cat eye sunglasses

Information and Resources for Educators
Created by EGALE, this comprehensive document has over 70 pages of information about working with students, creating inclusive schools and lesson plans.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Throughout History
This map, created by the IADHOT committee and the United Nations Free and Equal committee, depicts different gender/sexual orientations across time, cultures and space.

Examining Homophobia In Sports
This handout has ideas for the elementary and secondary level for examining homophobia in sports.

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 World Report
Prepared by IDAHOT, the international organizing committee for May 17, this pamphlet is a quick fact sheet about global participation in 2014.

International Family Visibility Day Package
Created by the LGBTQ Parenting Network of Toronto in 2012, this package is designed to make LGBTQ families feel included in schools, with alternate holidays/activities around families.
Facts and Myths About Anti-Homophobia Education
This fact sheet refutes common arguments against teaching inclusive education.

Ready Set Respect! GLSEN'S Elementary School Toolkit
Created by the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), this guide has model lesson plans and activities to bring about gender and sexual diversity.

Shout Out Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Heterosexism
Created by the Rainbow Resource Center and reprinted by OSSTF, this guide is an introduction to the LGBTQ spectrum.


Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families
Created by ETFO, this resource has key points and resources for creating inclusive classrooms.

Supporting Transgender and Transsexual Students in k-12  Schools, a Guide for Educators
Drafted by the Canadian Teacher's Federation, this guide covers the many areas teachers and schools can accommodate trans students. The document was drafted in 2012 and does not reflect the paradigm change in the latest DSM from Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Identity Dsyphoria.

Asking the Right Questions 2- Talking With Clients
Drafted by CAMH, this guide is meant for talking with clients about sexual orientation and gender identity in mental health, counselling and addiction settings.

Teaching Intersex Issues
Created by the Intersex Society of North America in 2006, this guide introduces the concept of intersex people through lesson plans and media.

Safe and Caring Schools for Transgender Students - A Guide for Teachers
Created by the Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities in Alberta

Lesson Plan, What do Faggot and Dyke Mean?
Created by the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), this resource goes over the historical and cultural meanings of Faggot and Dyke.

Learning About Sexual Diversity at School, What is Age Appropriate?
Created by the Safe Schools Coalition, this documents has suggestions surrounding teaching about LGBTQ people from kindergarten to grade 12.

Asexuality Resources
This bookmark acts as an index for resource sites on Asexuality

Beyond Intersections: Equity, Diversity and Social Justice K-12 Toolkit
Created by Durham District School Board and Trillium Lakeheads District School Board, this manual is for teachers to build capacity in creating inclusive spaces.

This handout from EGALE clearly outlines the differences between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Response to Parents
This resource is meant for Administrators and Teachers who have to respond to parents issues with curricula.

Calling Out Homophobia and Transphobia
This handout has suggestions for addressing homophobia and Transphobia in schools.

Working Towards Inclusivity
Created by EGALE, this card has some basic steps individuals can take to become stronger LGBTQ allies.

School Climate Survey
This handout has 9 questions that address how safe and inclusive an environment is to LGBTQ people.

How to be Trans Inclusive
For schools and GSA's, this handout has some ideas on including Trans people in organizing and curricula.

Sexuality and Religion
This resource details how religions and sexuality do not need to be mutually exclusive categories.

The Pyramid of Hate
This handout shows how hate plays out on different levels, from a systemic level to interpersonal relations.

First Nations Perspective of Gender
This lesson explores what is known about the different traditions/beliefs surrounding gender that the indigenous people of Turtle Island, to varying degrees, held.

The Boy Who Wanted to be a Dancer
This resource is meant for primary grades and accompanies a book by the same name. This lesson explores gender and traditionally separating activities by gender.

Fairy Tales and Gender Roles
This lesson plan explores several well known fairy tales and asks students to question how men and women are presented in fairy tales

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Lesson Plan
This guide has activities for students starting at the primary level and questions what they know about homophobia and transphobia nationally and internationally.