LGBTQ Families

Advocating For Your Gender Independent Child
This resource, by Rainbow Health Ontario, has information for parents concerning how to advocate for their child's rights in healthcare and education.

What Are Social Detriments of Health for LGBTQI People?
Created by the Rainbow Health Network of Ontario in 2006, this document details the psychological and physiological detriments of oppression. replica watches

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 World Report
Prepared by IDAHOT, the international organizing committee for May 17, this pamphlet is a quick fact sheet about global participation in 2014.

International Family Visibility Day Package
Created by the LGBTQ Parenting Network of Toronto in 2012, this package is designed to make LGBTQ families feel included in schools, with alternate holidays/activities around families.

If Your Are Concerned About Your Childs Gender Behaviours

Created in 2003 by the Children's National Medical Centre in the US, this resource addresses "cross-dressing" and gender variant behaviour in children and how parents should respond.

Are Your Worried About Your Child's Gender Expression?
This resource, by Rainbow Health Ontario, has some key points for parents who are looking to be supportive of their child's gender identity.

Shout Out Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Heterosexism
Created by the Rainbow Resource Center and reprinted by OSSTF, this guide is an introduction to the LGBTQ spectrum.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care, Version 7
This resource, cleared in 2012, is used by healthcare professionals around the world in order to work with Trans patients. It is a useful guide about various medical procedures, drugs, etc.

Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families
Created by ETFO, this resource has key points and resources for creating inclusive classrooms.

Transition Options for Gender Independent Children and Adolescents Information for Parents
Created by Rainbow Health Ontario, this pamphlet is geared towards parents details the transition options and the subsequent process that trans individuals may want to pursue.

Asexuality Resources
This bookmark acts as an index for resource sites on Asexuality.

ADSB Gay Straight Alliance Guide
This Guide was created by the Algoma District School Board's LGBTQ Adviser and uses information from EGALE, the Youth Project and many other organizations to showcase a comprehensive guide.

EGALE Every Class Every School, Executive Summary
This executive summary of the 2011 EGALE National report shows how prevalent homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are in schools.

Coming Out: A Guide For Youth and Their Allies
This resource by GLSEN has suggestions for LGBTQ youth and people to become stronger allies towards the LGBTQ community.

Learning about LGBTQ- ADSB
This fact sheet has some basic information about what being LGBTQ entails and some supports within Sault Ste. Marie.

Social Groups in Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury
This resource lists the various LGBTQ focused social groups that operate within Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.

15 Essential Canadian Queer Books
This resource details 15 essential books by Queer Canadians.

15 Essential Canadian Queer Films
This resource details 15 essential films by Queer Canadians.

Guide to Being a Straight Ally
This resource is aimed at anyone who is looking to be more supportive of their LGBTQ friends/family or the community at large.

Youthline brochure
Youthline functions as the Kids Help Phone specifically for issues surround sexuality and gender. Based out of Toronto, they are a great youth resource.

Hamilton Families in Transition: A guide for Parents
This guide is geared towards parents and has suggestions in regards to supporting their Trans child. The resource also suggests support systems and methods of  transitioning.

Pastoral Guidelines to Assist Students of Same-Sex Orientation
This resource was approved by the Education Commission of the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops for use in Ontario Catholic schools. 

Dealing With Name Calling
Created by the pride education network, this resource has suggestions to address homophobic and transphobic name calling.

Making a Difference in Bullying for LGBTQ Youth
This resource by PREVNET has some quick facts for parents on the amount of bullying LGBTQ youth face in Canada and some of the ways they can help curb this.